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1934, September 27 - Crossing collision, St. Redempteur Street, Hull, CPR., M and O sub., one injury

Ottawa Citizen 28 September 1934

Auto Struck By Train At Level Crossing, Hull
Two Residents of Kazabazua Injured. One Only Slightly. Fourth Accident at Spot This Year.

Two residents of Kazabazua were injured yesterday afternoon when the automobile in which they were driving on St. Redempteur street, Hull, was struck at the level crossing by the Ottawa-Montreal North Shore train. The injured are Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Hogan. The woman was taken to the Ottawa General Hospital, Water street, and is suffering from head injuries while Mr. Hogan, who was driving the automobile suffered only slight bruises.
According to Constable Thomas Larabie. who investigated the accident, the car was proceeding north on St. Redempteur street when the driver failed to notice the approaching train. The train was travelling slowly as it was nearing the Beemer station. The automobile was dragged for about 15 feet before it was thrown off the track Beauchamp's ambulance was called and removed Mrs. Hogan to the hospital.
There are no gates and no signals at this crossing and yesterday's accident is the fourth this year.
Hospital authorities stated last evening that Mrs. Hogan's injuries were serious but not critical. She is attended by Dr. J. P. Bonfield.

Ottawa Journal 28 September 1934

Woman Injured As Car Is Struck At Level Crossing
Miss Elisabeth Hogan, of Kazabazua, Suffers Loss of Memory in Hull Crash.

Two residents of Kazabazua, Que., had narrow escapes from death when the automobile in which they were driving was struck by the North Shore Ottawa. Montreal C.P.R. train on the St. Redempteur street level crossing near Beemer Station. Hull, at 5.30 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
One of the occupants of the automobile. Miss Elisabeth Hogan, 64, received a serious head injury, and is at the Ottawa General Hospital, under care ot Dr. J.P. Bonfield, 497 Somerset street west
Returning to Kazabazua
Miss Hogan and her nephew, R, Hogan, also of Kazabazua, had been in Hull on a shopping trip during the day, and were returning to their home. They drove north on St. Redempteur street, and apparently failed to observe the train approaching the level crossing near the station, from Ottawa Union Station.
The automobile was struck on the left side, and carried nearly 100 feet along the railway right-of-way, before the train, which was travelling very slowly at the time, to stop at the station, could be braked to a standstill.
The automobile was demolished as it was pushed along by the locomotive, but the two people were thrown clear of the wreckage. Mr. Hogan was shaken up but escaped without injury. Apparently Miss Hogan received a severe blow on the head, and was unconscious when picked up.
Narcisse Saumier, 120 St. Redempteur street, was one of the witnesses of the accident, and rendered aid to the injured woman. From Beemer station the authorities were notified by telephone, and Constable Francois Perron and Thomss Larabie of Hull police investigated the accident.
Taken to Hospital.
An ambulance from Beauchamp's funeral home, only a few blocks from the crossing, took Miss Hogan to Ottawa General Hospital, where Dr. Bonfield was called to attend her.
An X-ray examination revealed Miss Hogan's skull had not been fractured, but she had apparently sustained a severe concussion, and after regaining consciousness last night was suffering from complete loss of memory. Her condition is regarded as serious.

Note. Board of Railway Commissioners Order 51456 of  25 October 1934

Declares the CPR crossing of St. Redempteur street Hull protected to the Board's satisfaction so long as the speed limitation of 10 miles an hour is in effect.

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