Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1897 July 7 - Collision between a Hull Electric passenger car and a freight train at Aylmer

Ottawa Citizen 7 July 1897

The Bank street church and Sunday School will hold their annual picnic to Aylmer to-day

Ottawa Journal 7 July 1897

A freight train on the Hull Electric Co.'s track drawn by electric motor No. 1 ran into a passenger car filled with picknickers from Bank street Presbyterian church Sunday school bound for Queen's Park, Aylmer this forenoon.  The accident took place at the "Y: near Aylmer station.  The motor crushed in the end of passenger car No. 15.  Mrs. James Dalglish of Slater street was sitting in the centre of the car and received injuries, chiefly about the knees, but not serious.  All others escaped unharmed.  The motor was derailed.
Also in the Shawville Equity, July 17

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