Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1897 January 25 Collision between a Hull Electric passenger car and a sweeper and at Deschenes

The first Hull bound car on the Hull Electric Railway yesterday morning collided with the company's sweeper at Deschenes. Both were more or less damaged.  No one was injured.  See correction on January 28.

Ottawa Free Press - same date:
Yesterday morning the car which is scheduled to leave Aylmer at 8.15 o'clock collided with a sweeper attached to another car shortly after starting, which was approaching from the opposite direction.  Both cars were somewhat damaged by the collision but no passengers sustained any injury.  The inward car which contained many government employees and business men bound for heir offices in the city, was unavoidably delayed from reaching its destination for nearly two hours.  Temporary clerks employed in the departments ran the risk of forfeiting a day's pay on account of the delay.

Ottawa Citizen January 28 1897

On further inquiry, it is learned that the collision on the Hull electric railway at Deschenes on Monday morning was far more trivial than was at first reported.  The facts are that two cars did come into contact with each other but with so little force that little of no damage was done.
Note - this should be Tuesday morning.
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