Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1892, November 19 - Twenty cars derailed at Sharbot Lake, CPR, no injuries

Almonte Gazette 25 November 1892

Twenty Cars Ditched.
Ottawa Free Press, 23rd November: "Rumor on Saturday was very busy concerning a railway accident which had taken place that morning. Some said the Soo train west was derailed, others that the train east had been the victim, but the authorities with the usual caution denied all knowledge of any accident whatever. It now transpires that early on Saturday morning a heavy freight train on the Kingston & Pembroke section of the C.P.R. ran off the line at Sharbot Lake, when twewnty cars were ditched. Although a large wreck gang was at once sent to work, the debris was only finally cleared away yesterday evening. Fortunately no one was injured."

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Updated 8 May 2023