Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1934, July 31 - Crossing collision, St. Redempteur Street, Hull, CPR., M and O sub., no injuries

Ottawa Journal 31 July 1934

Unhurt When His Car Collides With Train
To drive Into a moving railway train and escape, unhurt wat tha experience of J. H. Ryan. 131 Cooper street Ottawa, who collided with the engine of the Ottawa - Montreal C.P.R. North Shore train at the level crossing at St. Redempteur street, Hull, at 8.37 o'clock this morning.
Driving towards Ottawa Mr. Ryan apparently failed to notice the approaching train until it was a few yards away from him. He swung to the right applying his brakes, and both automobile and train came to a standstill with the front tire of the machine against the front of the engine. Mr. Ryan was uninjured and after replacing the flat tire on his car, went on to Ottawa.

Note. Board of Railway Commissioners Order 51456 of  25 October 1934

Declares the CPR crossing of St. Redempteur street Hull protected to the Board's satisfaction so long as the speed limitation of 10 miles an hour is in effect.

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