Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1936 , Deceber 21 - Passenger train derails two wheels on the locomotive near Wyman, CPR., Waltham sub., no injuries

Ottawa Citizen 21 December 1936

Train off Rails Near Wyman Delays Traffic

Wyman, Que, Dec. 21. - The Waltham-Ottawa C.P.R. passenger train was delayed for about two hours this morning when two wheels of the locomotive left the rails at a crossing a short distance west of Wyman station. No one suffered injury and no property damage was caused. The train was coming to a stop for the station when the derailment occurred. An auxiliary crew was called from Ottawa and placed the locomotive back on the rails.

Ice forming over the rails at the crossing on theHull-Chapeau highwaya few humdred yards from the railway station is blamed for the derailment. Highway traffic as well as the railway line was tied up.

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Updated 2 May 2021