Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1871, January 10 - Passenger fell from a St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway train.

Ottawa Times 11 January 1871

As the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railroad train, which left Prescott at a quarter past one o'clock yeserday was in the neighbourhood of Billings Bridge a gentleman named Leveassay, a passenger, fell from the platform of the passenger car into the snow alongside the track.  Mr. Daniels, the efficient conductor, who was seated in the passenger car, happened to look out of the window and saw what he thought was the body of a man lying near the track.  He immediately seized the bell rope and brought the train, which was going at a good rate of speed, to a stop.  On the cars being backed up Mr. Leveassay was discovered lying on the snow on his face and hands insensible.  The gentleman was at once taken into the car and every attention possible paid him,  On arriving at the station he was conveyed to the Russell House where medical aid was procured.  Mr. Leveassay, at a late hour last night, was in a very critical state.

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