Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1887, 16 March - Baggage car on a Canadian Pacific train overturns when approaching Union Station, Chaudiere. One fatality.

Ottawa Citizen - 17 March 1879

A very sad accident happened at the Union depot last evening about 10:30 just as the local train from Montreal on the C.P.R. was coming in.  When about 50 yards from the station the baggage car ran off the track.  Wallace Veitch, the baggageman, was inside, and immediately prepared to jump.  Just as he sprang from the car it overturned, and falling upon him crushed him to death.  The side of the car was chopped through to get to the body, which was found a shapeless mass, crushed beyond recognition.  The sight was a horrible one, and the spectators, of whom a large number had gathered, turned away sickened at the horrible spectacle.
The deceased was a young man having 22 or 23 years of age.  He was the son of W.M. Veitch, conductor on the C.P.R. and had himself been employed on that road for three of four years.  He had been in the summer months, conductor on the Buckingham branch line which is not operated in the winter.  His father was utterly prostrated with grief at the loss of his son and heartfelt sympathy was expressed for him on all sides at the station last evening.
Also reported in the Journal.

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