Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1905, January 10 - Two freight trains collide at Mountain, CPR., Winchester sub., minor injuries

Kemptville Advance 18 January 1905

There was a pretty bad wreck on the C.P.R. at Mountain Station shortky after 7 o'clock Tuesday morning of last week. It appears that a freight train was shunting on to the siding when the van ran off the track. Men with the engine were at work trying to right the van when another freight train with through orders from the east came thundering along. The semiphore [sic] was put up to stop the train, but owing to the smoke and haze it is claimed that the signal could not be seen. The oncoming train plunged into the other engine resulting in the damaging of both considerable and the dumping of five cars into the ditch from which the contents were thrown promiscuously around. Two or three of the train hands received slight injuries.

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Updated 23 January 2022