Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1895, September 21 - Derailment between Douglas and Renfrew of an Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound train conveying the paymasters' van.  No injuries

Ottawa Citizen - 23 September 1895

An east bound freight train on the O.A. & P.S. railway, consisting of seven cars and the paymaster's van, ran off the track Saturday afternoon about half way between Douglas station and Renfrew.  Fortunately the accident was not attended by loss of life although several of those on board had a miraculous escape.

The train had just passed a slight curve when the engine, from some unknown source, jumped the track pulling the cars and van along with it.  For fully a couple of hundred yards the train went thumping along on the ties, but remained on the roadbed to the great astonishment of those on board.  Driver Turner and his assistants stuck to their posts until the train was stopped.  They had rather a thrilling experience, but were well satisfied in having escaped with a few slight injuries they received in the knocking about.

A couple of cars were toppled over, one of them being loaded with horses and some railroad construction tools.  A man was in this car, but was taken out from under a piece of machinery afterwards without a scratch.

Paymaster Wilson was counting some money in his van when the accident happened, and by the time the train was brought to a standstill he was at the opposite end of the car, almost unconscious from the effects of a blow he received while being jostled from side to side.  His money was scattered over the floor.

Driver Turner had one of his shoulders badly bruised, and was otherwise pretty severely shaken up.

A wrecking train left immediately from Renfrew in charge of Roadmaster Hogan, and the track was cleared and repaired in the course of five or six hours.  The train due here Saturday night about six o'clock was delayed considerably in consequence.  The damage to the cars is slight.

Two of the horses on the car that went over had to be shot, as their legs were broken.  They belonged to Mr. Simmers, sub-contractor on the railway.

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