Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1937, October 4 - Crossing collision, Gatineau Mills, CPR., Lachute sub., one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 5 October 1937

E.A. Randall Killed In Level Crossing Crash
Ottawa Resident, Manager of Hull Chain Store Branch, Meets Death Near Gatineau Mills. Coroner's Jury Brings In Verdict of Accident.

A verdict of accidental death was rendered this afternoon by a coroner's jury at the inquest into the death of Edward A. Randall, 36, of 575 Laurier avenue west, Ottawa. manager of the branch of the F.W. Woolworth Company, who was killed instantly at a railway crossing last evening near Gatineau Mills.
The inquest was presided over by Dr. W.J. Costello. coroner for Papineau county, and evidence given by the train crew indicated Randall's automobile stalled while crossing the track. Mr. Randall was unable to get the car started before the collision.
George Moulds, engineer of the train, testified he noticed automobile on the track at a distance of about 180 feet. There was no light on the car. The engineer stated he applied the brakes but the automobile was carried about 500 feet before the train stopped. The automobile did not overturn. The unfortunate man was still ln the automobile when the train stopped.
Car Was Stalled
The train engineer also stated the train whistle and bell were sounding  and that he was positive that the automobile was stalled  when it was struck by the train. Thompson Vickers. fireman on the train, corroborated Mr. Moulds' evidence. J.B. Lafleur,  conductor, said he helped the engineer and fireman to place the unfortunate man in the baggage car. He said Mr. Randall was killed instantly.
Traffic Officer Henri Lafrance of Hull, who investigated the fatality, said Mr. Randall was; alone in the automobile.
Auto Total Wreck
The automobile was completely demolished as the train tossed it into a ditch from the highway 216 yards west of the crossing, at mileage 113. The train crew stated that all the usual precautionary signals were given as the train approached the crossing, which is unprotected. The engine crew say that they did not sight the car on the level crossing until about 180 feet away, too short a distance to bring the heavy train to a standstill..
Heavy Fog Prevailed
At the time of the crash the district was enshrouded in a heavy fog.
The train was brought to a halt as rapidly as possible and the crew extricated the body from the wreckage. It was found that the man had been killed instantly . The  body was then lifted into the baggage car of the train and taken to Hull station where it was removed in a Gauthier and Company ambulance and taken to the morgue.
The train was 43 minutes late in arriving at the Union Station.
A complete report to the divisional superintendent whose office is in Montreal, was filed by the members of the crew.

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