Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1972, February 19 - crossing collision, Lancaster, CNR., Kingston sub., one fatality

From the Ottawa Citizen 21 February 1972.

Hit by train
The storm was at its height in Lancaster Township Saturday afternoon when Uwe Rumke, 20, of Concession Road 1, Lancaster Township, attempted to drive across some railroad tracks. His late model car was hit by a Canadian National Railways passenger train from Toronto and was carried a mile down the line.
Mr. Rumke was returning home along a private road after doing farm chores when the accident occurred. Visibility was about 50 feet.

Ottawa Citizen 21 February 1972

Lancaster man killed at crossing
CORNWALL (Special) A Lancaster resident was killed Instantly at 3.30 p.m. Saturday when his car was cut in half by a moving train at a level crossing five miles west of here.
Dead is 20-year-old Uve Rumke.
The train, travelling east to Montreal, was delayed for four hours as a result of the accident. The mishap occurred dur ing a snowstorm.

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