Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1933 January 8 - 12 injured when a train derails at Calumet, CPR. Lachute subdivision, and rolls down an embankment

Ottawa Journal and Ottawa Citizen Monday 9 January 1933

12 Are Injured in Train Wreck Near Calumet
Three passenger Cars Roll Down 75-Foot Embankment
Victims Taken to Hawkesbury
Hawkesbury Jan. 8. Three passenger cars of a Canadian Pacific Railway train rolled down a 75-foot embankment between Calumet, Que., and Pointe aux Chenes this afternoon, causing minor injuries to 12 persons who were brought to the Hawkesbury hospitals for treatment.
Heading for Montreal, the Montebello train ran into a broken rail just before reaching a railway bridge over the Rouge River.
Cars are Wrecked
While the locomotive, tender and baggage car of the train remained on the track, the three passenger cars, containing 17 persons, rolled down the bank and were wrecked on trees and rocks. The cars were reported as having turned over two or three tiimes in the fall.
All 17 passengers were shaken up and more or less bruised, 12 of them being brought here for observation.
Mother and Six Children
Six children of Mrs. Emile Gascon, 32, of Verdun, Montreal, and their mother, were among those brought to the hospital here. They were suffering from shock and general bruises but their condition was regarded as favorable.  Others included Miss Denise Jette, 16, St. Hyacinther, Que., broken arm and bruises; Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Thomas, Montreal, shock; Josephat Jette, St. Hyacinthe, Que., and Alphonse Gibeault, Hawkesbury.
Doctors stated all injuries were superficial and not more than five of the injured were expected to stay in the hospital over night.
Railway officials are investigating the derailment
Crashed Down Embankment
Passengers on the train declared it was incredible that no one was killed or critically injured, in view of the fact that three of the passenger cars crashed down the embankment and were battered by large boulders. Among the injured occupants of the cars was Mrs. Emile Gascon, of Montreal, who went through terrifying experiences in attempting to protect her six small children travelling with her.
One of the children was hurled through a window in the wreck but escaped serious injury, while another and two more sustained hurts requiring hospital attention. Two Hawkesbury men, Oscar and Wilfred Cayen, were also taken to hospital, one suffering from severely wrenched leg muscles, and the other from multiple cuts and bruises. The injured were conveyed from the scene of the accident to Hawkesbury hospital over the new Interprovincial bridge there in private motor-cars, while some of the more seriously hurt were transported to Calumet station. Repairs to the line were speedily made by wrecking crews.

In addition to the above the Citizen of 9 January 1933 also had the following:

Railway's Statement
Montreal Jan 8.
Five passengers were taken to Hawkesbury, Ont., hospital today with minor injuries received when three coaches of a Canadian Pacific Railway train running between Ottawa and Montreal were derailed three miles west of Calumet, Que., the railway announced.
The passengers, the injuries of none of whom were serious were Emile Gascon, Verdun, Que., Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Thomas, Montreal; Mrs. Denise Jette, St, Hyacinthe, Que., and Miss Claire Huneault, Calumet, Que.
Other passengers suffered only superficial bruises and scratches the announcement stated.
The accident occurred at 4.15 this afternoon and was caused by a broken rail.
Remarkable Escape
That it is most remarkable no one was seriously injured of killed in the accident.The Citizen learned in inquiries over long distance telephone last night. Informants told the reporter that the three passenger cars were almost demolished as they rolled down the embankment, crashing over large boulders, stumps and trees before they came to a stop at the bottom of the embankment.
Not From Ottawa
First reports, mostly rumors, to reach the city had the list of injured as high as 21 and it was feared that many of those might be Ottawans. Local C.P.R. officials however, announced that the train that figured in the accident was not from Ottawa but ran daily from Montebello and Montreal.
Passengers Interviewed
Interviewed in hospitals at Hawkesbury, injured passengers related their experiences.  They said that their first intimation of the accident was when they noticed the cars jolting and rocking slightly before they toppled down the embankment. One mother, Mrs. Emile Gascon of Montreal, was accompanied by her six small children and bravely endeavored to see to the safety of all of them before herself.
It was reported that one of the younger children, a mere infant, was hurled through one of the broken windows as the car rolled down the embankment, and escaped serious injury. Two of the six children suffered minor injuries and are with their mother in a Hawkesbury hospital. Fears were expressed that Mrs. Gascon may be suffering from a fractured hip, and an X-ray examination ws made to ascertain the extent of her injuries.
Hawkesbury Men Hurt
Two young men from Hawkesbury, Oscar and Wilfred Cayen, are among the injured. The muscles of one of the legs of one of these men were torn, and the other man suffered bruises and lacerations.
Most of the accident victims were conveyed across the Ottawa river over the new bridge from the scene of the wreck to Hawkesbury hospitals in private motorcars, and the most seriously hurt were moved to Calumet station after receiving first aid and were transported to Hawkesbury in Berthiaume's ambulance.
Repairs quickly made
No serious delay in traffic apart from the train figuring in the derailment resulted from the accident. The train from Montreal to Ottawa over the North Shore line arrived in the city last night only half an hour late, repairs to the broken rails having been quickly made.

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