Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1913, March 3- Crossing collision Morrisburg, Grand Trunk, no injuries.

Morrisburg Leader 6 March 1913

A serious and what might have proved a fatal accident, ocurred at the G.T.R.crossing here on Monday. As the fast express, which is due here at 10:45, reached the Aultsville road, a man driving a horse and cutter was seen approaching from the north, but not in time to avoid a collision. The occupant proved to be Mr. Moore, lately returned from the west, who had driven with his brother Percy to the latter's school in Gallingertown. From some unknown cause he did not hear or see the approaching train until till too late to stop the horse. The horse was caught and carried on the engine for quite a long way and when found was dead. The young man who was badly shaken up but not injured, was badly frightened and the cutter was smashed. How Mr. Moore escaped injury is quite miraculous.

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Updated 29 July 2021