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1925, July 31 - Brakeman hits head on bridge at Wakefield, CPR., Maniwaki sub,

Ottawa Citizen 31 July 1925

Investigation Into Cause of Accident to Robert Macklem, Found Lying on Tracks Near Wakefield.
Injured Man Lies in Serious Condition in the Ottawa Civic Hospital.
An investigation into the cause and circumstances surrounding the injuries received by Brakeman Robert Macklem, 8 Westmount Ave., Hintonburg, who now lies in the Civic Hospital in a very serious condition, was commenced this morning by officials of the C.P.R,
So far as could be ascertained up thirty this afternoon the injuries received by Mr. Macklem were caused by his head hitting a bridge girder as the C.P.R. passenger train running north was-pulling into Wakefield yesterday afternoon. This opinion is held by Mr. Samuel Jeffrey, roadmaster of the C.P.R. who happened to be standing on the rear end of the train and who was the first to notice the badly injured brakeman laying alongside the railway tracks, as the train ran, on.
Mr. Jeffrey left this mornfng to conduct the investigation, proceeding first to Wakefield and then taking a gasoline driven speeder and going back over the line aa far as Diotte.
From an opinion expressed by Mr. Jeffrey Macklem was presumably two car lengths north of the rear end of the train and was probably looking out to see how close the train was to the Wakefield station, where two cars of the train was to be "cut off," when his head came into contact with a girder of tre south end ef the bridge a short distance south ot Wakefield. A stain on one cf the bridge girders confirms this view of the accident.
After noticing the injured brakeman alongside the track Mr. Jeffrey after the train had stopped, ran back and had the injured man brought to Wakefield, where he summoned medical assistance, and remained with the injured man until he was brought back to Ottawa and taken to the Civic Hospital.
Sent Special Train
Immediately on receiving word of Ihe accident Mr. J. H. Hughes, divisional superintendent of the C.P.R. dispatched a special train to bring the injured man back to the hospital. Meanwhile Mrs. Macklem had been notified of the accident, but when she went to the, hospital last night the was not recognized by her injured husband. The special ran to the C.P.R. crossing at Carllng Ave. which was reached at 8.20 p.m. (standard time), from which point the injured brakeman was transferred to the Civic hospital in the ambulance of George B. Burnty and Son.
The train from which brakernrm Macklem fell was No. 535 which leaves Ottawa for Maniwaki, daily, at 3.35 p.m. (standard time). The train was in charge of Engineer J. R. , Dunlop. 72 Maple street, and Conductor R. H. Morton, 309 Gilmour street.
Brakeman Macklem, in addition to his wife; has a family of three young boys. He has been in the service of the C.P.R. for several years, and his trip up the Gatineau yesterday was brought about through his acting as a substitute for the regular brakeman of the train. He was. however, familiar with the run as. he had been over the Ottawa-Maniwaki line, many times before.
At the Civic Hospital today where the injured-man is being attended by Dr. J. K. Kidd, it was reported that Mr. Macklem's condition was serious and that he was. conscious only part ot the time.

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