Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1899, March 13 - A Pembroke Southern train derails at Beggs (or Biggs) Farm, near Pembroke, and ran into a field.  
The coaches were partially overturned.

Ottawa Citizen 13 March 1899

Passengers who arrived in the city last night tell of the first accident on the Pembroke Southern Railway, which runs from Pembroke to Golden Lake where connection is made with the O.A. & P.S. line.  The train left Pembroke yesterday morning at seven o'clock and when at a short distance out of town, at a point known as " Begg's Farm," ran off the track into a field in consequence of the spreading of the rails.  The coaches were partially overturned and traffic on the line was suspended until the wreck was cleared.

Ottawa Journal 15 March 1899

Pembroke. March 15. - The Pembroke Southern Railway Company had another accident Monday morning, but happily there were no serious results. The morning express had got about two miles out of town when the engine jumped the track and carried the passenger car and one baggage coach along with it. The rolling stock was somewhat damaged, but no lives were lost, in fact, no one was at all hurt. The wrecking train was soon on the spot  and the work of getting the engine and cars back on the track has been occupying the attention of the crew all day.

Renfrew Mercury 17 March 1899

Derailment caused by rail spreading.  Engine, car of brick, way car, passenger car.

Renfrew Mercury 24 March 1899

On Monday morning the Pembroke Southern train had got as far as Biggs' farm, when it commenced to go off the track, owing to the spreading of the rails.  The train consisted of engine, one car of brick, one way freight car and the combination passenger car.  Strange to say, the car loaded with brick kept the track, but the rest of the train went off, the engine being stopped about four feet from the rail, but was not ditched as the Ottawa papers had it.  The train was got on the rails by about six in the evening.

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