Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1950, February 25 - Canadian Pacific - Crossing Accident,Montclair Boulevard, one fatality

Ottawa Citizen  27 February 1950

Driver Dies When Jeep Hit By Train
Driving a jeep into the path of the CPR North Shore train, Maurice Blnet, 40, was instantly killed at the Montclair Boulevard crossing in Hull at 5.40 p.m. Saturday.
The locomotive struck the right side of the jeep, throwing it a distance of 50 feet. Mr. Binet, hurled from his vehicle by the force of the impact, was caught on the guard of the engine and dragged 500 feet.
Coroner Dr. Gerald Brisson viewed the body and said no inquest would be held.
According to the police report, Mr. Binet, who resided at 53 Richer Street, Hull, was driving the jeep west on Montclair Boulevard. The North Shore train was coming into Ottawa from Montreal.
Engineer Edmond Tremblay of Montreal told police he saw the jeep and anticipated Mr. Binet would stop the vehicle. The engineer blew the locomotive whistle and then put on the emergency brakes.
The train could not be stopped in time, however, and smashed Into the jeep, bringing instant death to Mr. Binet. The Jeep was wrecked.
An examination showed the victim had sustained a fractured skull and a broken left hip, arm and leg. Dr. Brisson pronounced Mr. Binet dead.
Police and railway officials headed by Constable Paul Labelle, who was first on the scene, worked for an hour freeing the body from the engine. The North Shore train was switched to another track and pulled into Ottawa by a second locomotive.
The police report showed the red-flasher lights at the Montclair railway intersection, which warned of approaching trains, were in working order.
The jeep, which Mr. Blnet was driving, was owned by W. D. Laflamme of 51 Richer Street, Hull.

Caption to picture
Death In A Jeep Maurice Binet of 53 Richer Street, Hull, was killed Instantly Saturday afternoon when the jeep he was driving was hit by a CPR passenger train at the Montclalr Boulevard crossing In Hull, The small, open vehicle was hurled 50 feet by the force of the impact. Mr. Blnet was dragged 500 feet on the engine guard. The above picture shows the demolished car shortly after the accident. Photo by Newton

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