Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1887, December 9 - Passenger train derailed at Clyde Forks, K.&.P.R. several injured.

Almonte Gazette 16 December 1887

A serious train accident
occurred on the K.& P.R. last Friday evening. In passing through a cut at Clyde Forks a cow was struck and thrown against an embankment. She rolled back and derailed the passenger coach, which containing nine persons, went down an embankment further on. On its descent the car, it is said, rolled completely over two or three times, of course overturning all the passengers, of whom Mr. McLean, a student of Queens University on his way to preach at Arnprior, was badly cut. Only one passenger escaped without injury. The brakeman was badly burned by the stove being upset. It pinned him down until the other train hands recovered themselves sufficiently to go to his assistance. His hands were badly burned in his efforts to release himself. The car caught fire but the flames were soon quenched.

Almonte Gazette 23 December 1887

AMONG THE INJURED. - Mr. A. Hamilton, of the 4th line Lanark township, was a passenger in the car that was derailed in the recent accident on theK. & P. R'y. Mr. H. had his limbs pretty badly bruised, but hopes soon to be all right again. Mr. Wm. Thomas, of Palmerston, with his two little sons of 6 and 8 years respectively, were also aboard at the time. Mr. T. escaped uninjured, but the boys received some severe scalp wounds, which rendered one of them unconscious for several hours. They are now rapidly recovering.

Almonte Gazette 13 January 1888

Mr. Eben. Hamilton, who was one of the passengers injured in the recent accident on the K. & P. Railway near Clyde Forks, has received from the railway company the sum of $230 as compensation for injuries sustained.

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