Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1865 July 12 - A man falls off a car and is killed at Prescott, Grand Trunk Railway

Ottawa Citizen 19 July 1865

Accident on the Grand Trunk Railway, - On Wednesday evening last says the Prescott Messenger a man named Charles Caueau, about 65 years of age, and belonging to Quenec, was killed at the old Prescott station on the Grand Trunk Railway, It appears the train halted at the station for a moment, and then started on. Deceased had been sitting on the rear of the car, outside and got up to get off. The right hand had hold of the handrail, but the left eigher had not been on it, or was detatched by the movement of the train, and the man was thrown backward under the wheels, which passed over his head, cutting it in two. His son-in=law and a brother of the latter, who were on the train with him, stated at the inquest, which was held that evening by Coroner Scott, that they desired him to go inside, but he refused, as he wanted to see the country. The verdict of the jury exonerated all the employees of the railway from blame.
There is a rule on all railways, we believe, that travellers are not allowed to remain upon the platform while the cars are in motion; but it is not sufficiently enforced ; and railway managers should insist upon the brakesmen and conductors obliging every man to keep inside the cars.

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