Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1865 July 2 - Four men killed when train hits a hand-car near Lancaster, Grand Trunk Railway

Almonte Gazette 8 July 1865

Fatal Railway Accident.
On Saturday night, just after the night express train had passed Lancaster, a party of seven men, in the employ of the Grand Trunk company, had occasion to go to Lancaster after provisions, for which purpose they took a hand-car belonging to the company, and when returning home came in contact with a special train for which they had been waiting some time before they started. The collision killed four of their number, the names of whom are S. Curry, E. Sutherland, Jas. Theiaw and P. Dougherty.
A coroner's inquest was held on the bodies, and several witnesses were examined, when the jury returned a verdict that the accident resulted on carelessness on the part of the men; that the men had no right whatever to take the hand-car belonging to the company, except on business for the company; and they exonerated from all blame those who were on the special train, as they had been properly "flagged", and it was not from any carelessness on their part that the accident occurred.

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