Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1892, March 3 - The CPR Brockville Mixed is Diverted into a Siding at Stittsville, No injuries.

Ottawa Journal 3 March 1892 1892

The C.P.R. Mixed to Ottawa Goes Through an Open Switch at Stittsville - Damage to Freight Cars - No Lives Lost.

As a result of an accident on the C.P.R. at Stitsville, the Brockville mixed train due here at 8:55 this morning did not arrive till 11:30. While running into Stittsville station, the train went through an open switch and dashed into a number of freight cars standing on the siding.
The rear freight car was telescoped and all the other cars more or less injured. Two of the freight cars ahead of the passenger coaches on the mixed train were also damaged considerably.
The passenger coaches escaped injury in a remarkable manner. The brakes on the coaches were jammed down with such force on nearing Stittsville station that when the front section of the train, consisting of freight cars, went off the main track onto the siding, the couplings between the freight and passenger cars were torn completely off and the freight cars dashed on leaving the passenger cars standing on the main track.
Seeing the danger and the impossibility of averting a collision, the fireman jumped for his life. The engineer moreover stood to his post. Both escaped. The engine came off with only slight damage and no personal injuries were sustained by the passengers.
a telegram was dispatched at once to Ottawa for help and a wrecking train was instantly sent out. After a delay of 2 hours the passengers were brought into the city.
the engineer was William Page, and Fireman D. A. Burns. They conductor was Harry Colborne, and the engine No. 178. It has not yet been ascertained how the switch came to be left open just as the Brockville train was due to arrive at Stittsville.
Judge Mosgrove was one of the passengers and he was unable to open court to-day at the usual hour in consequence of the accident. A large party of editors on their way to attended [sic] the Press association meeting were also on board and prevented being present at the morning session.

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