Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1899 January 5 - A Pembroke Southern train jumped the buffers at Pembroke

Ottawa Journal 5 January 1899 Thursday

Pembroke 5 Jan.  The Pembroke Southern has met with its first accident.  To-day as the noon express was pulling into Pembroke station the air brakes failed to work and the engine went tearing over the end of the rails onto the sidewalk on Pembroke Street, opposite the Post Office where it remains somewhat damaged.  No other damage was done, however, and a wrecking gang is now at work putting everything into ship shape.

Renfrew Mercury 6 January 1899

Quite a sensation was caused opposite the Post Office at noon today when the incoming P.S.R. train jumped the buffer at the station and the engine ploughed across the yard and landed about twenty feet over the sidewalk.  Strange to say that, notwithstanding the crowd concentrated about the spot at that time, no one was injured.  The engine was thrown off her truck, and had it not been for the soft nature of the ground at that spot might have crashed through the Post Office building.  The cause of the accident is said to have been the failure of the air brakes to act.

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