Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1949, November 18 - Canadian Pacific, Crossing Accident at Glen Gordon, Cornwall subdivision, one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 19 November 1949

Car Crashes Into Train, C. Rich Dead
ALEXANDRIA Clifford A. Rich. Cornwall, traveller for the Shell Oil Company of Canada, Ltd., was killed instantly late yesterday afternoon, when the car he was driving crashed into the side of a standing "mixed" train at the railway crossing at Glen Gordon, 11 miles south of here.
The automobile was wrecked completely and the body of the victim had suffered multiple injuries, investigators or the accident reported.
Police said that Rich had spent the day on business in Alexandria and was driving home to Cornwall for the-week-end. when the fatality occurred.
Dusk was closing in on Highway No. 34 as Rich's car came along to the railway crossing. The freight train had just pulled in and had stopped, leaving part of the train stretched across the highway.
The fact that Rich struck a dark-colored loaded tank car, about the middle of the train, coupled with the descending darkness, was given as a possible cause of the crash by police. Scene of the accident is described as straightway."
Impact of the crash is said to have been so great that the loaded tank car was pushed off the track. Highway traffic, as a result of the crash was tied up for several hours. The train operates between Cornwall and De Beaujeu.
Ontario Provincial Constables Harry Barker, Alexandria, and A. H. Barker, Lancaster, investigated the accident. Dr. W. F. Lingard, Lancaster, coroner for the district, was called and gave permission for removal of the body. which was taken to a .funeral home in Cornwall.
Conductor in charge of the train was Clifford Patterson, while the engineer was P. V. Himmclman, both of Smiths Falls.
Scott Fraser, nearby farmer, told The Citizen that as the train neared the crossing he heard the engine whistle sound the usual warning. A few minutes later he heard a "terrific crash."
Rushing to the scene he saw the wrecked auto and helped to remove a man's body from the wreckage.

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