Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1967, May 11 - overheated axle bearing caused the derailment of 18 cars near Avonmore, Canadian Pacific, Winchester subdivision.

Ottawa Citizen 13 May 1967

Railway crews clearing out torn up rail line
Clean-up begins on derailment
CORNWALL (Special) - Canadian Pacific Railway workmen completed clearing and repairing the main CPR "freightl line between Toronto and Montreal late Friday.
Eighteen cars of a 90 - car freight train were derailed Thursday night near Avonmore, 20 miles northeast of here.
Workmen took 14 hours to repair and clean 250 feet of westbound track. It will take at least two more days to repair 300 feet of eastbound track
No one was injured in the wreck.
The derailment occurred on the eastbound track when an axle on one of the cars became overheated and broke.
One ol the cars contained grain which was spewed over the tracks and down an embankment. Another which contained tar broke open completely.
At 6 30 p.m. Friday the first train rolled over the repaired section. Because of the repairs, the freight was restricted to 10 mph and took 25 minutes to get by the point.

Ottawa Journal 13 May 1967
Caption to a photo.

Rail Lines Blocked
Railroad workers have cleared and rebuilt blocked railroad tracks near Avonmore, 25 miles north of Cornwall. Tracks were blocked Thursday when 18 cars of a freight train carrying grain and oil were derailed when one of the boxcars lost a wheel.

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