Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1920, August 23 - Crossing collision, Springfield crossing, CPR., Carleton Place, sub., one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 23 August 1920

Driver For Ottawa Dairy Struck by C. P. R. Soo Train at Springfield.
Mr. Andrew Dougall, driver for the Ottawa Dairy, was killed almost instantly about 6.15 o'clock this morning when his rig was struck by the C. P. R. Soo train at Springfield crossing, several stations below Woodroffe.
The crossing there is said to be one of the worst about the city, with no bell, gates or any other protection. One of the horses was killed, half of the rig was smashed to atoms, and the remainder shoved along the track, a distance of about four hundred feet.
When Dougall was lifted from the debris, he was found to be suffering from terrible injuries inflicted to his head, and one of his legs was almost off. Dr. J. S. Nelson, of Westboro, was at once summoned and tended the injured man, who was rushed to the city. When he was lifted at Central station into Rogers andBurney's ambulance, he breathed his  last.
The coroner's inquest, which was later opened at Rogers and Burney's undertaking establishment by Dr. Craig, identified the remains and ad journed to Friday evening, at the police station. Mr. James Miller, 193 Fifth avenue, also of the Ottawa Dairy, identified the body.
Saw the Accident.
Mr. J. Dolan, of Woodroffe, was an eye-witness of the fatality. He stated to Mr. W. H. Goodfellow, 215 Percy street, the conductor of the train, that he was not more than several hundred feet away from the scene of the accident at the time it happened. He saw the late Mr. Dougall look about him before attempting to cross the track, but he seemed to be looking as if he expected a train from Ottawa. Evidently not scenting any danger, he attempted the crossing and was struck by the train when his rig was about half-way over. Mr.Fred Cole, Bayswater avenue, was the engineer in charge of the train.
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Ottawa Citizen 28 August 1920

A verdict of accidental death was returned by the jury at the inquest into the death of the late Andrew Dougall Ottawa Dairy milk driver, who was killed by the C.P.R. Soo train. No. 18, last Monday morning. The inquest was held last night at the police station, and was. presided over by Coroner Craig. Representatives of the Ottawa Dairy and the C.P.R. were also present.
The verdict read that "the late Andrew Dougall came to his death on the morning of Monday, August 23, 1920, from injuries he received when the rig which he was driving was hit by C.P.R. train No. 18, at Springfield crossing.. We find death to be accidental."
The principal witness was Fred Cole, engineer of the train. He stated at the inquest that on the morning of the accident he had been on the lookout for Dougall, as on three or four occasions within the last few weeks, the train barely missed hitting him. However, he did not see him till it was too late to avoid an accident.

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