Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1937, March 15 - Crossing collision, Renfrew, CPR., Chalk River sub., one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 16 March 1937

Gordon Nash Dies After Car Strikes Train At Crossing
RENFREW, March 15. Resultng from injuries sustained when his automobile ran head-on into the engine of the eastbound C.P.R. local this afternoon at Henderson's Crossing, five miles west of Renfrew, Gordon Nash of Ottawa, a commercial traveller ior tne Creamery Packing Company, Toronto, died in Victoria Hospital, Renfrew, about 6.30 tonight.
Clear View of Crossing.
Travelling west on highway 17. Nash apparently did not see the eastbound train, although according to police measurements he had a clear view of the crossing for a distance of 50 yards at that point. His car rammed the side of the train engine and the car motor was lifted out of the frame and thrown 30 yards. Other parts of the vehicle were sent flying over 60 yards.
Dr. K. MacKinnon of Renfrew, who happened to be the first motorist to arrive on the scene, picked the victim up about twelve feet from the rails and brought him to the hospital here. An operation was performed in an attempt, to save his life but he died shortly after the operation. The accident is being investigated by Provincial Constable E. V. McNeill of Pembroke.

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The train involved in the accident which arrived in Ottawa 15 minutes late, was in charge of Conductor I. Snider of Prescott, and Engineer Arthur Laurendeau, 9 Eccles street, Ottawa. According to members of the train crew, the motor car ran into the side of the locomotive, at the first crossing west of Renfrew on the Ottawa-Pembroke highway.

Ottawa Journal 16 March 1937

Adjourns Inquest Into Fatal Crash
Renfrew Coroner Resumes Nash Inquiry Saturday.
RENFREW. Ont., March 16. (Special) A preliminary inquest into the death of Cordon Nash on Monday, following a collision between his automobile and an east-bound passenger train, four miles west of Renfrew, was conducted here by Dr. J.J. McCann, coroner. A jury consisting of W. Stewart foreman; R.F. Fraser. C.O. Thacker. W. Logan. J. Dolan. R.D. Scott, and J. Donohue met and adjourned the inquest until Saturday afternoon at three o'clock.

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