Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1950, May 8 - Canadian Pacific - Crossing Accident, Almonte - two fatalities

Ottawa Citizen  8 May 1950

Two Die In Level Crossing Crash
Perth Men Are Victims
Train Wrecks Motor Car

Special To The Citizen ALMONTE Two Perth men were killed instantly at 1045 this morning in a level crossing accident at Sadler's Crossing, four miles west of here.

The victims were: Donald Hogan and Lome Leaver, salesmen in the employ of the Burchell Supply Limited, of Perth.
Only meager details of the accident were available. It was learned that their automobile was struck by the morning CPR local. The car was reported a total wreck.

Neighboring residents rushed to the scene of the crash and found that the two men had been killed instantly. Wreckage was strewn over a considerable distance along the tracks.

Provincial police officers from Almonte and Carleton Place were called to investigate the crash.

The two victims had been fn the employ of the Burchell Supply Company for several years and were widely known in Perth and district.
 Provincial Constable E. W. Petty, of Arnprior, and Sgt. Sam Irvine, of the Perth detachment, reported that the car, an English model, was struck by the westbound Ottawa-Pembroke train.

The road near Sadler's crossing runs parallel to the railway line for quite a distance and there is a right angle turn over the tracks.

There was an all-Ottawa crew on the train, Engineer Thomas Barnes, Conductor A. C. Trudeau and Fireman H. Greenlaw.

The fireman told police that he saw the car when about to reach the crossing and was sure it was going to stop. The car kept, on going after slowing down to take the curve. The engineer applied the brakes but it was too late to avoid the crash.

The district coroner from Almonte was called to view the bodies.

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