Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1936, March 3 - Crossing collision at Meath, CPR., Chalk River sub., minor injury.

Ottawa Journal  4 March 1936

Car Hit by Train Ottawa Man Hurt
Howard, Price Suffers Injuries in Level Crossing Crash.

When the automobile in which he was proceeding towards Ottawa was struck by the eastbound Pembroke-Ottawa C.P.R. local at Shields level crossing four miles east of Meath station at 2.15 p.m. yesterday, Howard Price, 43 Adeline street, Ottawa, suffered painful injuries to both legs. In addition, Mr. Price received a bad shaking up. and was suffering from shock last evening. He was placed aboard the train and brought to his home here, where he is being attended by Dr L G. Smith.
Mr. Price reported his view had been obstructed by high snow banks as he approached the level crossing and it was not until his machine was almost on the tracks that he noticed the train. He applied his breaks, but the car skidded on the icy ruts of the highway and he was unsble to stop in time.
The locomotive struck the front of the car a glancing blow, hurling it some distance into a snow bank where the car caught fire. It was almost destroyed. Mr. Price is employed by the Best Yeast Company, of this city.

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