Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1950, February 23 - Canadian Pacific - Crossing Accident, Billings Avenue - no injuries

Ottawa Citizen  24 February 1950

Train Hits Car As Couple Desert Auto

A timely leap from a stalled automobile shortly before it was wrecked by an oncoming Canadian Pacific passenger train, is credited with the narrow escape of a man and his wife early yesterday evening.

John A. Bell, of 50 Billings Avenue, told police that he was crossing the CPR tracks at Billings Avenue at 7.10 p.m. yesterday. The car, in which his wife was a passenger, skidded on the planks at the crossing, causing the rear wheels to slide into a deep snowbank on the side of the tracks.

Mr. Bell and his wife noticed the headlights of the oncoming train as it rounded a curve a short distance from the stalled vehicle. Unable to drive the car from the snowbank, they leaped from the automobile just before the train crashed into the vehicle, carrying it some distance along the tracks. Damage to, the car was estimated in excess of $500.

The train, in charge of John McNally, came to a stop almost immediately after coming into collision with the car. However, when trainmen learned that no one was injured in the accident. the train was ordered to continue toward Prescott.

The accident was reported to Constable Lou Ullrich of the Ottawa City Police.

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