Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1965, January 20 - Crossing collision at Roosevelt Avenue, CPR., Carleton Place sub., no injuries

From the Ottawa Citizen 21 January 1965

Driver leaps clear as train hits car
A wrong turn on to a railway track parallel to Scott Street almost cost a Gatineau Point man his life last night.
The car became stuck on the track at 10.45 p.m. where it was struck by an east-bound passenger train shortly after its driver had jumped to safety.
Guy Drouillard, 31, of 4 Carmel St., who was unfamiliar with Ottawa's west end, drove onto a side track running off the main railroad line on Roosevelt Avenue. He proceeded along the spur until he came to the main section of track that runs parallel to Scott Street.
Because the track was covered with snow, he didn't realize he was on the line until it was too late. His car became stuck partially on the track.
When he saw the oncoming train, which was travelling at 40 m.p.h., he jumped clear. About $1,000 damage was caused to his vehicle.
Mr. Drouillard was shaken by the experience as was the train's engineer, Vernon Dier of 36 Armstrong St.
He was engineer of the train which struck a car along the same track last Nov. 4, killing 29-year-old Mrs. Charles Levesque and her three - year- old son, Charles.
Mr. Dier wasn't at the controls of the train when it hit Mr. Drouillard's car. Fireman Frank Alexander of 1220 Carling Ave., had taken charge a few minutes before the accident.
The passenger train, coming from Toronto, was delayed about 45 minutes.

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