Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1920, September 28 - Crossing collision at Kinburn, GTR Renfrew sub., two injuries

Ottawa Citizen 29 September 1920

Mrs. Walter Acres and Howard Acres Badly Hurt, While Horse Was Instantly Killed.
As a result of the Ottawa-Pembroke G.T.R. local colliding on Tuesday morning with a buggy in which they were driving at Kinburn, Mrs. Walter Acres, of that village, and her four-year-old son, Howard, received injuries which may prove fatal. If they survive the accident their escape will be veritably miraculous.
Mrs. Acres' injuries consist of a fractured hip and internal injuries, while the boy is suffering from severe injuries to his head. Both are suffering very much from shock and the next twenty-four hours will tell whether they will live.
The horse was instantly killed, while the buggy was completely wrecked. It is believed that Mrs. Acres, who was driving up to the village to do some shopping, did not see the train until it was almost upon her, and that she attempted to get across the track before it reached them. The crossing is not considered at all dangerous, there being a clear vision on both sides. Both the mother and boy-were thrown some distance by the impact.
Mrs, Acres is the wife of one of the prominent farmers of Kinburn, near Arnprior. Dr. Hyndman, who is attending them, states that it will take another twenty-four hours to ascertain the real seriousness of their injuries. There is a possibility of the boy's skull being fractured and as soon as the swelling subsides a little Dr. Hyndman will make a careful examination.
The accident occurred about 9.40 a.m. on Tuesday and it is thought that the horse was hit squarely by the engine and the buggy thrown sideways.

Likely to Recover.
The condition of Mrs. Walter Acres, of Kinburn, and that of her four-year-old son Howard, who while riding in a buggy on Tuesday morning were struck by the Ottawa-Pem broke G.T.R. train and seriously injured, was reported this morning by their physician. Dr. A. B. Hyndman, of Carp, to be slightly improved. The injuries are not as serious. as at first! reported and hope is held out for the ultimate recovery of both.

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