Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1907, October 22 - Small child saved by a brakeman, Rigaud, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub.

Montreal Weekly Witness & Canadian Homestead 29 October 1907

Thanks to the bravery of O (Orville). Sicotte, a child has been saved from death at Rigaud. Sicotte, who is a brakeman, was standing on the front of the engine in order to be able to open a switch a short distance up the line, when he saw in front of him a small girl right in the middle of the four foot way. He shouted to her but could not attract her attention. There was no time to stop the train, so without a moment's hesitation, and at the imminent risk of his own life, Sicotte, grasping the cow catcher with one hand, leaned forward, and as the engine reached the child he lifted her to a place of safety.

Montreal, La Presse 23 Octobre 1907

L'echo de Vaudreuil 31 Octobre 1907

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