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 1952, November 5 - Two Convicts Jump from Moving Train to Make their Escape, CPR Chalk River sub.

Ottawa Citizen 8 November 1952

Two Escaped Convicts Captured By Eastview Police
A manhunt for two escaped convicts who crashed their way through the window of a moving train in a daring bid for freedom Wednesday night(05/11), ended at the outskirts of Ottawa last night with their recapture by Eastvlew Police.
Object of a two-province search since their escape near Chalk River through the window of a coach on the Canadian Paclflc Transcontinental Flyer, Jean Paquln, 29, and Rheal Polrler, 21, are being held at No. 1 Police Station pending the arrival of federal authorities.
They made their escape while being transferred from St. Vincent de Paul Pennitentiary, Que., to Stoney Mountain Penitentiary Man., as the train was pulling into a station in the Chalk River area.
The Records
Convicted on a series of thefts, Paquln had been sentenced to serve seven years, while Poirier, convicted of armed holdup, has six years to serve.
A tip-off from an Ottawa motorist, Jacques Paris, 242 Wilbrod Street, who had given the pair a ride from Cumberland, led to the arrest.
They were picked up by Constables Lawrence Quesnel and Gerald Rioux of the Eastview police, while attemptlng to pick up a ride at the corner of Montreal Road and St. Laurent Boulevard.
At the time of their arrest both men were still wearing the gray-denim prison garb in which they escaped. On their ankles were the manacle-bracelets that secured them while they were on the train. The train (sic) that linked the bracelets between each man's ankles had been severed by stones.
No Struggle
They entered the police car without a struggle. In fact, tho police officers reported, thev seemed almost happy to be back In custody.
They told the arresting officers that they had not tasted a bite of food since their escape on Wednesday night.
When questioned by police both men replied in French. It is believed that they could not speak English.
The pair were transferred from Eastvlew Police Station to No. 1 Police Station in Ottawa, where they are being held.
The escape of the convicts was first learned when the train pulled into the Chalk River station shortly after 7 o'clock Thursday morning. It is believed that they crashed through the window somewhere between Pembroke and Chalk River.
Both Injured
When arrested last night both men bore visible evidence of slight injuries suffered when they hit the steep embankment after leaving the train.
An adhesive bandage on Pooler's forehead concealed a deep cut, while a makeshift bandage torn from prison underwear covered the head of the second escapee.
Paquln walked with a marked limp, when arrested. He told police that an old bullet wound on his left leg had "acted up" during the long journey from Chalk River to Eastview.
From the prisoners came this story of their daring escape. They reported that during the dark of Wednesday night as the train slowed down to about 45 miles an hour, they jumped through the window.
Their ankles were manacled at the time. When hitting the railway embankment, both men rolled over and over down the steep embankment, suffering slight injuries from rocks on the side of the tracks.
They hid In a nearby bush for several hours. After, making certain that the train did not stop, they crawled from their hiding place in the thicket.
Broke Chains Their first task was the arduous job of breaking the chain that secured their manacles. This required several hours of pounding. It was daylight by the time they were able to leave the train tracks.
Hiding by day, and hltch-hiking by night, they started the two-day trip that took them to Cumberland early yesterday evening.
At the outskirts of the village they hailed the car driven by Paris. Unaware of the nature of his prospective passengers he stopped the car, and allowed them in.
One glance at the two men aroused his suspicions. When he reached St. Laurent Boulevard, he asked them to leave the car. They did as he asked.
Report To Police
Mr. Paris lost no time in making his way to the Eastview Police Station, about a quarter of a mile away. He reported to Constable  Rioux that he "had given a ride to the two convicts who had jumped from the railway train".
Sgt. Emlle Martel of the Eastvlew police dispatched the two officers to the scene, and at the same time called Ottawa City Police for further assistance if needed.
When the two Eastvlew policemen reached the corner, they found the wanted men lounging against a post. They drove over, ready for real trouble, but the expected trouble did not arise.
"Get in", said Constable Rloux, opening the door of the car.
"O.K.," was the response. The pair did just that.
Detectives Henry Gravelle and Gordon Lowery, of the Ottawa City Police, arrived at the corner about one minute later, but the two prisoners were already on their way to the Eastview Police Station.
No More Trouble
Once there they accepted smokes gratefully, and acted more in the manner of chastened schoolboys, than hardened criminals. "We don't want any more trouble. We have had enough", they told police.
Responsible for their capture, Mr. Paris was apparently quite unconcerned over the part he had played. After leaving the police station in Eastvlew, he motored to his home, and then without mentioning the incident to his parents, he went out with some friends to spend the evening.
He could not be reached by The Citizen for comment last night

Ottawa Citizen 10 November 1952

Admit Bid For Liberty
Two convicts who smashed their way to freedom from a moving train, last Wednesday night and were recaptured in Eastvlew Friday night pleaded guilty in City Magistrate's Court to escaping custody.
The duo 21-year-old Rheal Poirier and 29-year-old Jean Paquin, both of Montreal were remanded for sentence to Thursday by Magistrate Glenn Strike, QC. Paquln, convicted of a series of thefts, had been sentenced to serve seven years in penitentiary, while Poirler, convicted of armed holdup, had six years to serve. . They jumped from the train near Mattawa while being transferred from St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary to Stoney Mountain penitentiary in Manitoba. Eastvlew Constables Gerald Rioux and Lawrence Quesnel nabbed them as the pair attempted to pick up a ride at. th intersection of St. Laurent Boulevard and the Montreal Road. In court today, both appeared anxious to get back to penitentiary without a long hearing. "We want to plead guilty and be sentenced right away," Paquln told the court.

Ottawa Citizen 13 November 1952

2-Year Term For Escape
Two long-term convicts who leaped from a moving train last Nov. 5 and were recaptured in Eastview two days later were each given additional two-year penitentiary terms today by Magistrate Glenn Strike, QC.
One of the pair, 29-year-old Jean Paquin, of Montreal, convicted of a series of thefts, now has a total of close to ten years to serve. The second, 21-year-old Rheal Poirier, also of Montreal, convicted of armed holdup, will be jailed for close to nine years.
Paquin was given an eight-year term last April and Poirier a seven-year sentence last May.
The duo jumped from a train near Mattawa while they were being transferred from Quebec's St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary to Stoney Mountain Penitentiary in Manitoba.
Recaptured last Friday night by two Eastview constables, the pair pleaded guilty to escaping custody in court here Monday. They will now be transported back to St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary to serve their sentences, it is understood.

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