Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1928, October 10 - Crossing collision at Winchester, CPR., Winchester sub., no injuries.

Winchester Press 11 October 1928

Car Smashed to Pieces
It is a fortunate thing that Billy Lloyd and his companion Bert Smith were able to get out of Billy's Chrysler Car last night before it was strewn a mile along the R.R. track when hit by the fast express going east. They had been out for a short run in the new Chrysler Mr. Lloyd had just recently purchased. When they came to the railway crossing the car stalled. The two men got out and tried to push the car off the track, but it would not budge. In the meantime the fast express from Toronto was rapidly approaching. The screech of the whistle as it came nearer and nearer stirred the two men to greater effort. But the car would not move, and then bang! and as the express went thundering by the remnants of the new Chrysler was strewn along the track for over half a mile. Yet, it was a complete wreck, only a tire being left whole. The express stopped and backed up, and the engineer when he learned that no life had been sacrificed felt like a kid after he had passed a grave yard on a dark and stormy night. The car was fully covered by insurance.

Winchester Press 18 October 1928

Was Complete Wreck
The renants of Billy Lloyd's Chrysler Sedan struck amidship by the fast C.P.R. Montreal-Toronto flier last week, were gathered up and brought back to the store room in the rear of the Hotel Winchester  The engine was the largest remnant, and it was badly damaged. The front bumper and one bumperette were undamaged. But that was about all. A more complete wreck of a car would be hard to imagine. In fact the sedan was literally chewed up by the big locomotive. And just think of the awfulness had the car been filled with men and women. It makes one shudder to think of it. Say, one can't be too careful when approaching a railway crossing.

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