Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1938, August 4 - Calabogie Boy Escapes Death

Ottawa Journal 4 August 1938

Calabogie Boy Escapes Death
Train brushes Michael Reddy when ties hold his foot.

Calabogie, Aug. 4. - Michael Reddy, 10-year-old son of James  Reddy, of Calabogie, had a narrow escape from death when his foot became entangled between two ties on the outside of the tracks of the K. and P. Railway on a fill-in over Calabogie Lake.
Young  Reddy, with his companion, Gerald Rochon, was crossing the tracks on his way to the lake to fish when his fishing line became entangled in some bushes.
In freeing the line his foot became caught in the ties. The south-bound train had left Calabogie station and was coming through a rock cut nearby, but the boy was unable to free his foot. Young Rochon raced to the rock cut to flag the train but Reddy, seeing it rushing down upon him, lay flat on the ground as the train passed by.
When the train stopped, the crew rushed back only to find the boy had escaped without a scratch, but was badly frightened. With the help of the men his foot was freed.

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