Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1922, October 6 - Crossing collision with CNR motor car 15813, one injury.

Kemptville Weekly Advance 12 October 1922

Brockville, Ont., Oct. 6 -  When the C.N.R. motor train from Westport this morning struck a motor truck owned by the Laing Produce and Storage Company at a level crossing near Lyn, the motor train was derailed, the truck badly smashed, and Edson Burnham, Young Mills, it driver, received injuries which warranted his removal to the General Hospital here, where he is said to be suffering from serious injuries about the head. No passenger injured.

Board of Railway Commissioners, Library and Archives Canada RG 43 vol 668 file 21285

Crossing accident. On the morning of Friday 6th October, Mr. Edson Burnham, of Yonge Mills, was struck by a motor train at McReady's Crossing, situate about three quarters of a mile west of the village of Lyn.  Mr. Burnham wa seriously injured and taken to the Brockville General Hospital.  At the time of the accident Mr. Burnham was driving a milk motor truck owned by him, which was completely demolished.  "With a jitney running over that portionof the CNR there is not much chance for motorists or even pedestrians to avoid accident." Brockville Recorder and Times editorial 11 Oct 1922.  
CNR report said that the motor truck ran into the side of motor coach 15813.  The signals were all given by the train men and which appears to be supported by evidence outside of railway emloyees.  The speed of the railway car was only five miles an hour, whereas evidence outside of railway employees, places the speed of the milk truck at about 15 to 20 mph.  It cannot be denied that the crossing is a dangerous one and one which the Company recognizes by putting a slow order on this particular motor car of 5 mph.  
The crossing was obstructed by waste material on top of the cut.  This was subsequently removed.

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