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1877, May 3 - Section Foreman Chancey Benton is killed near Sharbot Lake while moving track materials on the Kingston and Pembroke Railway

British Whig, (Kingston) 4 May 1877
We are sorry to learn of an accident which has befallen Mr. Chancey Benton, a section foreman on the K. & P.RR. Last evening he was engaged in conveying railroad iron on a horse car where the track was being laid, and in some way, he fell forward of the car and was run over, his back being seriously injured (it is thought broken) and both legs fractured. Dr. Sullivan went out to give the sufferer the necessary medical relief this afternoon. The Superintendent of the road telegraphs that only the best skill can save the poor man's life.

British Whig, (Kingston) 5 May 1877
Painful accident
The accident which happened to poor Chancey Benton is of a very painful character. Such are his injuries that the medical men who have attended him have expressed the opinion that he cannot survive - that there is really no hope. We understand that Benton was not run over, but jammed between the axle of the lorry and the ties of the track. His collar bone is broken, his ribs are fractured, his back and right leg are broken. The bone of the latter was protruding through the flesh several inches.  Benton was a hard worker, faithful servant, and great sympathy is expressed for him by his fellow workman and employers. He is receiving the best medical attention at Sharbot Lake but fatal results must follow. If alive tomorrow (Sunday) a special car will bring the sufferer to the General Hospital here.

British Whig, (Kingston) 7 May 1877
The end. On Sunday a special car brought to the city from Sharbot Lake the remains of the late Chancey Benton who died on Saturday from the dreadful injuries he sustained by the larry (sic) accident of Thursday. No one in his condition could survive, and supposing life did remain within him he would still be crippled and a sufferer to such an extent that existence would only be deemed a misery.

Perth Courier 11 May 1877
FATAL ACCIDENT - SHARBOT LAKE - A serious accident occurred on Thursday night, 3rd May, a little way beyond Sharbot Lake, on the extension of the Kingston & Pembroke Railway. A man named Chauncey Benton, while riding on a car loaded with rail iron, by some means got thrown off, and, falling in front of the car, was run over. His back and legs were badly injured, and though Dr. Sullivan went out next afternoon to render all the assistance in his power, the man died of his injuries, and his body was conveyed to Kingston next day.

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