Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1973, June 26 -  CN Trans-Continental derailed near Brent, CN Beachburg subdivision 

Ottawa Journal 29 June 1973

Ottawa Journal  Thursday 28 June 1973

Derailment forces CN to reroute
PEMBROKE (Staff) - It wilt be about two days before stretch of Canadian National Railways track 80 miles west of here is back in service following the derailment Tuesday night of CNR's Trans-Continental. Two locomotives, a baggage car and two passenger coaches left the track near Brent in Algonquin Park but remained up right. A woman passenger was taken to hospital in Pembroke with slight injuries. About 600 feet of track were damaged, in the derailment, which apparently was caused by a washout following a violent electrical storm earlier in the day. Trains are being rerouted along a CP Rail line.

Ottawa Journal  Friday 29 June 1973

TRAIN DERAILED PEMBROKE Canadian National Railways has been forced to reroute trains in Algonquin Park following following a derailment Tuesday about 80 miles west of Pembroke. Repairs were expected to be completed today. The derailment was caused by a washout following a storm earlier in the day. One woman passenger was treated for shock in Pembroke hospital. (CP Journal wirephoto)

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