Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1952, June 15 - Man Hit By Train at Hull Beemer, One Fatality

Ottawa Citizen, 16 June 1952

Man Killed In Hull By Train
Adelard. Manthe, 59. of no fixed address, was killed instantly early Sunday morning, when he was struck by the CPR Vancouver train near Hull (Beemer) Station.
According to police, Manthe was sitting on a platform almost on a level with the tracks and beside the rails, when the passenger train came along and struck him. The man fell under the train and was dead by the time engineer H. Beadoin of 23 Lowrey Street reached him after stopping the train.
Police are looking for a second man, evidently in Manthe's company, who was seen running away from the scene of the fatal accident shortly after it happened. He did not stop or return although the engineer shouted after him.

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