Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1932 January 25 - Crossing collision Hull Beemer, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub. one injury

Ottawa Citizen 25 January 1932

W. Desmaris Hurt As Auto Skidded Into Path of Train
Fortunately C.P.R. Electric Coach Not Travelling Fast Over Hull Crossing. Wilfrid Desmarais. 355 St Andrew street, Ottawa, suffered dislocations of his hips and received serious cuts about his head when the automobile he was driving skidded into the path of the C.P.R. Ottawa-Maniwaki electric train at the Montclair Boulevard crossing, near the Beemer Station, at 9.15 this morning.
The exact extent of Mr. Desmarais' injuries will not be known until the results of the X-ray to be taken this afternoon are disclosed. He is now at the Sacred Heart Hospital, where he is reported to be resting- comfortably.
Fortunately, at the point where the accident occurred the train does not proceed at a very high speed. Mr. Desmarais was proceeding towards Hull from Wrightville. He noticed the approaching train and when he applied the brakes of his automobile the vehicle swung on to the tracks, where it was struck by the train and pushed about 100 feet.
Engineer Michael Kelly, 185 Bayswater avenue, and Conductor H. Bell, 253 Bronson avenue, after the train was brought to a stop, rushed to Mr. Desmarais' aid. Beauchamp's ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital, where his injuries were attended to by Dr. E. Perras, Hull. The car was damaged considerably.

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