Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1908, February 28 - The "Winnipeg" passenger train derailed completely at Payne (Eganville Junction), Canadian Pacific Chalk River subdivision. Four cars overturned.

Ottawa Journal 28 February 1908

A broken rail caused a run off and partial wreck this morning at Eganville Junction four miles west of Renfrew on the Canadian Pacific Railroad.  The accident happened at 6.58 to train No. 96, known as the "Winnipeg" coming to Ottawa from the west in charge of Engineer B. Chapman of Ottawa and Conductor Ledkea of North Bay. --only injury was burns to the cook. More.
The baggage car slid down the embankment and is standing on end and the mail car, dining car and sleeper were turned over on their side.  The other four coaches simply left the track and are resting on the ties. -- The engine, No. 1113 was not damaged much.  More..

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