Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1929, September 4 - Man throws himself into side of train on Interprovincial Bridge, CPR., M&O sub.

Ottawa Journal 4 September 1929.

Commits suicide throwing himself into side of train
Man believed to be James Perry, of Montreal, ends life on Interprovincial bridge.
Before the eyes of many motorists and pedestrians on the inter-provincial bridge, a man believed to be James Perry, 9080 Notre Dame Street East, Montreal, was instantly killed by the Trans - Canada, Limited, just after it left Union Station at 10. 50 o'clock last night. Several witnesses assert the man climbed the fence separating the railway tracks from the sidewalk and deliberately flung himself into the side of the train.
The engineer Michael Hussey, 552 Lisgar Street, not knowing of the tragedy, continued on his way and did not know anything about it until informed by the Canadian Pacific Railway despatcher, who stopped the train at Hull. Mr Hussey told the despatcher he had not seen the man when the train crossed the bridge and there was no marks on the locomotive or coaches.
Crowd quickly collects.
Happening as it did at a time when there is heavy traffic of all kinds between Ottawa and Hull, the fatality quickly drew a large crowd of the curious. Automobiles were lined up long distances on both sides of the bridge, Hull Electric Railway cars was stopped and pedestrians flocked in from every direction.
C.P.R. Train No. 7, known as the Trans-Canada Limited, left the Union Station continuing its westward Journey at 10. 50 p.m. daylight saving time. Joseph Guenette, 93 Murray Street, bridge watchman, said that as the train reached a point about 100 yards north of the Ottawa end of the bridge he saw a man suddenly climb over the parapet on the east side of the bridge and run into the heavy train. As the headlight rays had past the point where the men leap leapt apparently the engineer did not see him and drove on, ignorant of the tragedy.
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