Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1932, December 31 - Crossing collision Parkdale Avenue, CPR., Carleton Place sub., one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 7  January 1933

Jury recommends warning signal at Railway Crossing
Find death of Marcelin Larose, truck driver, accidental. Brakes reported in good condition

A verdict of accidental death was brought in by a coroner's jury last night, at an inquest into the death of Marcelin Larose, 57 years, of 11 Emily Street, Eastview, who was fatally injured when the truck he was driving collided with a Canadian Pacific Railway passenger train at the Parkdale AvenuecCrossing on December 31. Coroner Dr.. R.M. Cairns presided over the inquest.

The jury recommended in its verdict that the C.P.R. place a warning signal at the crossing in question to safeguard the public in the future.

Thirteen witnesses were heard, including the crew of the train which figured in the accident. Engineer William J. Hodgees, 142 Spadina Avenue, stated that he had had no intimation of the approaching truck until his attention was called to it by the fireman, Reginald Manion. The air-brakes had already been applied in allowance for the stop at Ottawa West station, and when fireman Manion shouted that an automobile had been struck the emergency brakes were immediately applied.

May have skidded.

Manion stated that he first noticed the truck when the locomotive was a considerable distance from the crossing, but said that it appeared to be stopping. As the locomotive was within a few yards of the crossing, Manion  said that he realized that the car could not stop, and he shouted to engineer Hodges to bring the train to a halt. He said that it is quite possible that LaRose's truck had skidded over the icy ground.

Evidence as to the mechanical condition of the truck was given by Harry S. Kneen and Richard G. Stethem, officials of the Ottawa Sanitary Laundry, and whose employ Larose had been during the past 33 years. On the day previous to the accident the brakes had been checked by the company's mechanic and pronounced in good condition, they stated.

The truck was draged approximately 250 feet following the collision. The train crew stated the locomotive was travelling not more than 18 or 20 miles per hour at the time.

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