Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1907, June 14 - Freight train derails where track crew is replacing a broken rail two and a half miles west of Sand Point,
Canadian Pacific Chalk River subdivision,  1 killed.

Kemptville Weekly Advance 20 June 1907

A railway wreck resulting in the death of Engineer James Fanning of Carleton Place occurred Friday morning near Sand Point. The section men were engaged in replacing damaged rails along the track. A rail had just been taken out to be replaced with another when a west-bound locomotive came dashing around the curve and into the open space. The track and ties were torn up for a considerable distance and the engine and a number of cars were overturned into the ditch. Engineer Fanning was killed almost instantly by being pinned under his engine. The deceased engineer was one of the oldest drivers on that division. He had lived in Carleton Place all his life. A widow and one child survive him. This is the second wreck on the C.P.R at this point this year.

Board of Railway Commissioners RG 46 C-II-1 vol 1422 file 6242

Broken rail was being replaced on account of expansion closing in, the new rail had not been cut.  Took place 2.5 miles west of Sand Point. Protecting signal had not been placed the distance required by the rules, from the defective point.  Road Foreman responsible.  J. Fanning killed. The accident was a derailment of engine 1500 of freight train 1st 146 from Chalk River to Carleton Junction.  Engine ran off the ties on account of the curvature of track, sank down in the ballast and overtuned crushing and scalding engineer Fanning to instant death.  Very little damage to engine and track.  Traffic blocked for about six hours.

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