Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1960, September 24 - Crossing Accident, Bayview Road, CPR., Carleton Place sub. No injuries

From the Ottawa Citizen 26 September 1960.

Family OK After Car Hits Train
An Ottawa family escaped injuries Saturday afternoon when their car hit an eastbound CPR passenger train at a level crossing near Scott Street on Bayview Road.
Rosaire Burelle, 25, of 79 Melrose Avenue, told police he was driving south on Bayview Road with his wife and two children and did not hear or see the train until he hit it.
Mr. Burelle said he was travelling about 15 miles an hour and engineer Stan Patterson, of 706 Churchill Avenue, said the train's speed was 10 miles an hour at the time.
The car bounded off the train and came to rest on the east side of Bayview Road. Damage was restricted to the front end of the 1957 vehicle, amounting to about $200.
This level crossing has been the scene of several such accidents in the past There is no warning signal.
Constable Richard Abbass of No. 2 Police Station investigated.

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