Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1931, May 1 - Crossing collision Carleton Place, one fatality, one injured.

Ottawa Citizen 2 May 1931

Ottawa Motorist Fatally Injured At Carleton Place
Level Crossing Smash Results in Death to George Hueston, 71 Poplar E. St. Woman Also Hurt.
CARLETON PLACE. May 1- Geo. E. Hueston, 71 Poplar St., Ottawa, was fatally injured in a level crossing accident here this afternoon. His companion, Miss Dorcas Walters of this town was seriously injured, but hopes are being held out for her recovery.
The fatality occurred at what is known as the town line crossing, about 500 yards north of the William street crossing. Hueston drove on to the railway in the path of the Pembroke local, Ottawa bound, which arrives here at 5.10. There is a fairly good view of the crossing and it is difficult to understand why the approaching train could not be seen,
Apparently the automobile was struck about the center and was carried down the tracks for about 400 yards. Both occupants of the car were thrown out and their bodies were found along the right of way not far from the place of the accident. They were both living when rescuerr reached them and were at once rushed to the Rosamond Memory: Hospital at Almonte, where Hueston died about one hour later.
Miss Walters, although very seriously injured. is expected to recover.
The automobile was completely wrecked, although the windshield was not broken. An inquest will probably be held tomorrow.

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