Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1883, February 5 - Collision near Ottawa Broad Street, CPR., no injuries

Ottawa Citizen 6 February 1883

Yesterday, an accident, fortunately attended with no loss of life or personal injury, occurred on the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway close to Ottawa.  It appears that the early passenger train from Aylmer was running into the city at a moderate rate, and when only some two hundred yards from the station collided with a freight train which was also going at a slow speed.  The passenger train was on its usual time and on the main line, but owing to a dense fog which prevailed its approach was not seen by the parties in charge of the special freight in time to prevent the collision.  Damage sustained by the cars is estimated at $3,000.  A gang of men were set to work at once to clear the track and the debris was removed last evening.  An investigation into the cause of the collision will be held at once.
Investigation - carelessness on the part of certain employees and their services were promptly dispensed with.
Also reported in the Ottawa Free Press Monday February 5 and Renfrew Mercury February 9.

Almonte Gazette 9 February 1883

A collision occurred on the C.P.R. near Ottawa on Monday last, entailing a loss of about $30,000 [sic] on the Company. Both engines were badly damaged

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