Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1885, March 22 - Passenger train derails at Maberly, CPR Havelock sub. no injuries

Almonte Gazette 27 March 1885

RAILWAY ACCIDENT NEAR MABERLY. - quite a serious mishap occurred on the C.P.R. about 2 miles west of Maberly station last Sunday morning at four o'clock. As the express train from Toronto to Ottawa was speeding merrily on its way, she came to a sharp curve in the line, and as with unabated speed she hurried around it the coupling of the baggage car and a first-class Pullman car broke, letting loose the first class, Pullman and smoking car, which immediately left the rails, and after bumping for a distance of some fifty yards over the ties, toppled over and over the bank until their course was finally arrested by a snow drift. The conductor and his assistants never lost their presence of mind for an instant, and in a few moments all the passengers were safely extricated, when it was found that though several were severely shaken none were killed. Directly the passengers wede got out the conductor returned to the cars, and extinguished the fires by placing snow on them. The cars were broken up. The driver proceeded to Maberly station, where the authorities wired to Perth for a special which took the travellers safely to Ottawa, landing them there at 11 a.m. instead of five o'clock The travelers before leaving the conductor presented him and his assistants with a testimonial.

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