Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1920, August 14 - Youths Duck Engineer of the Prescott Train

Ottawa Journal 16 August 1920

Passenger on the C.P.R. Prescott train, which leave Union Station at 9:50 a.m. were entertained on Saturday morning with an exhibition of misguided humor, which might have had serious consequences. Forsnugly ensconsed on the top of a box car near Billing's Bridge with a pail of water, one of a graceles trio of youngsters unconcernedly awaited the approach of the train, and when the cab of the engine was abreast him, with perfect deflection and wind allowance, deluged the engineer with a blinding shower. The train was rudely jerked to a standstill as the stricken driver unconsciously applied the air brake, and inside the train passengers were hurled from their seats by the sudden stop. And the next moment with a huge hammer clenched in his fist and a rage glaring from his by now dry eyes, the engineer emerged from his cab and searched relentlessly through the yard for the culpris.. They had. however, fled and a few minutei after the train resumed the dull monotony of its run.
Repeated verbatim in the Kemptville Weekly Advance of 19 August 1920

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