Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1921, January 12 - Trespasser incident, Manotick, CPR., Prescott sub. one injury

Ottawa Citizen 12 January 1921

Mr. aPtrick [sic] Nevins. formerly St. Patrick's asylum for the aged, received three fractured ribs and minor injuries when he was struck by the C.P.R. train from Prescott near Manotick this morning. Mr. Nevins, who is a man about sixty years of age, was walking along the track with a suit case.
In stepping aside to allow the train to psss he did not allow sufficient space between himself and the track, the engine striking his suit case and hurling it with great force against his side.

The train was immediately brought to a stop and Mr. Nevins was brought to Ottawa, where Gauthier's ambulance met the train, The injured man was taken to Water street hospital, He is reported by the hospital to be in no immediate danger although he is suffering a great deal.

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