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1925, July 22 - Man killed by train at St. Joseph d'Orleans, CNR, L'Orignal sub

Ottawa Citizen  23 July 1925

Mr. John Murphy Struck by C.N.R. Train at St. Jossph d'Orleans.
Mr. John Murphy, an elderly resident of St. Joseph d 'Orleans, was instantly killed when he was struck by  a C.N.R. train bound for Ottawa, about five o'clock yesterday afternoon, almost in front of the St. Joseph d 'Orleans railway station.
Mr. Murphy, who was seventy-three.years of age, and was residing with Mr. Richard Kelly, the station-master, had been feeding some hens in a yard across the tracks. According to those who saw the accident, Mr. Murphy was within a few feet of the railway tracks on his way back to Mr. Kelly's home, when the train was approaching the station. Apparently in the belief that he could get across safely before the arrival of the train, Mr. Murphy endeavored to cross the tracks, but was caught by the cowcatcher of the engine and hurled some distance on to the road.
The unforunate man was carried into a neighbor's house, but when Dr. R. L. Hamilton, who was summoned, arrived he found that the man was dead. In Dr. Hamilton's opinion death bad been instantaneous from a fractured skull, and other serious injuries.
Neither the engineer of the train which it is stated struck Mr. Murphy or the conductor was aware that an accident had. happened until the train arrived in Ottawa, when the report was sent in from St, Joseph d' Orleans by the stationmaster. The engineer was Mr. R. F. Wilson, 180 Isabella street, who stated that when his train was approaching St. Joseph d' Orleans station he had seen a man crossing the tracks about two pole length ahead of the engine, and thought he had got clear. An examination of the engine when it reached Ottawa, failed to show any Indications of an accident having occurred.
Dr. S. Kirby, the coroner for Russell and Prescott counties, who was advised of the accident, journeyed from Hawkesbury to hold an inquest at St. Joseph d' Orleans.
After empanelling a jury, the coroner adjourned the inquiry until Wednesday next.

Ottawa Citizen 30 July 1925

 A verdict of accidental death with no blame being attached to anyone was yesterday afternoon returned by the coroner's jury which inquired into the death of John Murphy. 73-year-old resident of St. Joseph d' Orleans, who was struck by a C.N.R. train at St. Joseph on July 22nd. The inquest, which was held at Cumberland, was presided over by Dr. S. Kirby, of Hawkesbury.
The evidence of witnesses showed that Mr. Murphy had started to cross the tracks almost in front of the station at St. Joseph, then started back again, and then apparently tried to cross again. Mr. R. F. Wilson, 180 Isabella, street, the engineer, testified to having seen the late Mr. Murphy crossing toward the station but thought he had got clear of the tracks and was not aware that the engine had hit him until his train arrived in Ottawa.
Further along on the right of way were some children and berry-pickers, and the engineer, thinking Mr. Murphy had crossed unhurt, devoted his attention to those ahead of him.
The other evidence showed the late Mr. Murphy had apparently been struck by, the cylinder at the side of the engine which broke his leg and smashed in his skull.
The jury, after being out for a short time, returned a verdict of accidental death.

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